Hear the unborn speak

Dear Mammy will you keep me safe?

Please Mammy keep me warm.

I’m growing here beneath your heart;

Protect me from the storm.

I hear your heart. Do you hear mine?

My birthday gift will be

Two bright-blue eyes that shine with joy

On worlds I long to see.

I’m looking forward now to life –

Sea-shells,  and ships with sails;

I’ll feel the sun, I’ll count the stars,

You’ll tell me fairy tales.

Already I’ve got arms and legs.

Look close! You’ll see my nose.

And on the things that you call legs

Are things I’ll call my toes.

Dear Mammy you’re not listening!

Please! Can’t you hear? It’s me!

And Mammy you’re not smiling now

What can this ‘CLINIC’ be?

They’ve given you a bed with wheels –

Those people dressed in green.

Don’t let them hurt you Mammy dear.

Just let them try – I’ll scream!

Dear Mammy, what is happening?

I’m paralysed with fear.

Quick! Rise and run – I’m just begun –

Please save us Mammy dear.

They’re killing me dear Mammy.

They’ve pulled my limbs apart,

Dismembering my arms and legs.

They’ve stilled my beating heart.

And though I’ll never see the sky

With eyes of shining blue,

I know that you’d have loved me dear –

And I’d have loved you too.

Daniel Holmes,



They say that wise men met the King;
His lies had them beguiled;
They’d hoped to find with Herod’s help
A joyful maid with child.

The King dismissed them; then decreed
‘’The infant has to die.
This Court states he’s unwanted – ‘just
By choice’. Don’t question why!

Pro-Choice now slays him and his kind
In this our Bethlehem.
New legal rights to massacre
Mean none can ‘you’ condemn.

These unborn may be hard to find;
They breathe a hidden life.
And if their mothers give them up –
Conceal the bloodstained knife.

Discard the corpses as you go
As merely soul-less meat
And fit for only dog or crow
Like sweepings from the street.’’

Thus Herod sent his knifemen out
To kill the misconceived
And fling them into unmarked graves
Un-prayed for and un-grieved…

Unseen, unheard, unloved, unknown,
Un-dressed, un-blessed, not ‘’laid to rest’’
But mindlessly ‘’mis-laid’’.

And when we name the names of those
Who ruled with bloodstained hand,
Who’ll name the unnamed innocents
They slaughtered through this land?

Both articles taken from 'The Sacred Heart Messenger' July 2019 Edition

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